They say the Angel of Death is a woman as beautiful as the sun, as gentle as the moon and as  c o l d  as the deep abyssal sea.

Anonymous asked: "Same anon. I did´t click the link, either xD. I've just noticed that NCW is not even wearing the Kingsguard armour in the bts, like we see him doing in the wedding. It's weird that everyone takes as legit, though."

Yeah, I think it’s probably really easy if you’re not thinking and just responding with LOL.

It would seem like kind of an obvious thing so I doubt(ed) the show would actually miss it, but the “OMFG BEST MISTAKE EVER” that’s under the gifset in the version that I reblogged definitely threw me lol I can be pretty gullible when I’m not paying attention (which is often) I guess.

Anonymous asked: "I rewatched the scene of the royal wedding and I didn´t see Jaime with the coffe in any moment. Maybe is a bts, or something like that."

I had considered that the first time I saw it actually, but then so many people acted like it was legit? LOL It does seem like it’s fake though XD shoulda clicked the link, it’s a behind the scenes vid

Ragnar is right. Aslaug, this child will never walk. By the gods, you must- you must put him out to die.


In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]



New ship: Lagertha + her cat

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer

I really do wish Vikings would stopp with all the rape attempts. Surely you can show off Lagertha’s strengths in another way.

Well now I’m pissed at Horek. I wanted Lagertha to interact with Bathtub King and also Princess Fratricide

wtf nooooo. don’t violate tyler again :’(

what happened to Vicky looked like what happened to Katherine??? no????

but you should bring back vicky

I hate being forced to skip. Delena is forcing me to skip.

what is the point of this delena commentary brought to you by caroline and enzo?